domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Welcome to my life

This is my first project of the year. It is a new period to my life: I am in "Bachillerato"!! The project's name is "Welcome to my life" which consists in a timeline about my best important events. Here you can find many events that are part of my life.
This is the link.
I hope you like.

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Visit Marbella's Hard Rock Cafe!

Last week, we went to Marbella to expose the project that I explained in the last entry.  When we arrived to Puerto Banus, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and we presented our project to the board of directors.
There, they invited us to drink and eat "nachos" that were very delicious.
When we finished, we went to the port where we saw many luxuroius ships.
After, we went to the shopping center where we ate. 
Finally, after two hours of travel, we arrived to Motril.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

This Town Rocks!

Hello! We are doing a new project called «This town Rocks». It consist in choose a city to build a Hard Rock Café. My team has chosen Almuñecar, a place with a great weather and great people in summer.
We have chosen a menu, the types of music, the place where it will build, the total price…

The next day 14 of March we will expose project to the members of the Board Directors who are some teachers chosen by Teacher Diego. They will value our project and they will vote the best one.

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Martin Luther King

My classmate Jose Luis and me did a "pecha kucha" of 20 slides. For two weeks we were working about MLK's life.
We had have some problems with SlideShare because the slides were whites but it is solved. This is our presentation: MLK 

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

We move to EDMODO

This term we going to work on a platform called EDMODO where we going to share our works exposed on a board. In this page will be some groups with different types of works that we will do along the term. It is a platform which the teacher and students of 4 º B participate, and the parents can join too, but this page can only be viewed by users who are in the same group, created by the teacher. Here, you have a picture of the platform when we login in page.

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Virtual Trip to Scotland

This is the final activity of term and I'm going to explain what consist this activity.
It is a virtual trip to Scotland. The teacher has created a page which we have to describe our work. .  We have made a presentation prezi too.
We have to form groups of 4 persons, each has a function(guide, catering, travel agent, teacher), but we have had problems and we have helped ourselves between all.
Guide has to find monuments and place that we will visit (Andrea L.) Catering has to find hotels and restaurants (This is my function).Travel agent has to find transports. (Cristina P.) And the teacher has to collect learned vocabulary.
We have to organize a trip of 6 days and 5 nights, with a budget of 750 euros by person.
This activity help us to learn about Scotland, his gastronomy, his people, the most important monuments and places , etc.

I like this activity because it is a teamwork , it's fun and we learn about vocabulary and culture.

The Bank of Common Knowledge

In this activity we have to expose a video or presentation which we have to teach some quality or activity that we have for the others persons can learn from it. I choose to teach  How to decorate your hair (video)