jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Virtual Trip to Scotland

This is the final activity of term and I'm going to explain what consist this activity.
It is a virtual trip to Scotland. The teacher has created a page which we have to describe our work. http://lazafratriptoscotland.wikispaces.com/ .  We have made a presentation prezi too.
We have to form groups of 4 persons, each has a function(guide, catering, travel agent, teacher), but we have had problems and we have helped ourselves between all.
Guide has to find monuments and place that we will visit (Andrea L.) Catering has to find hotels and restaurants (This is my function).Travel agent has to find transports. (Cristina P.) And the teacher has to collect learned vocabulary.
We have to organize a trip of 6 days and 5 nights, with a budget of 750 euros by person.
This activity help us to learn about Scotland, his gastronomy, his people, the most important monuments and places , etc.

I like this activity because it is a teamwork , it's fun and we learn about vocabulary and culture.

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