sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Interview with Laura Jane Sims

The last 28th of September we had an interview with Jade’s mum and she told us many things about her life.

Laura Jane Sims was born the 19thof January in an old city called Exeter (England) where there are beautiful buildings and an important cathedral. She came to Spain twelve years ago. First, she lived Mallorca for two years and after, she came to Motril.

In England she worked in a big school, but the teachers had a hard work for this reason she decided go to work a Britain school of Mallorca. In Motril she work as a builder.

She can speak English, Spanish and French.

She left school when she was sixteen and at the age of thirty-three she went to the university.

She has a daughter called Jade and she is in this high school.

She tells us that she likes Spain because it has a good weather and food. Her food favorite is the Paella. Also she likes sail by ship, read and watch films.

Finally, she has six dogs. They were abandoned in the street and she received them.


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